Waxing & IPL

Intimate Waxing

Here at Luxe our therapists are waxing perfectionists and will put you totally at ease. Specialising in Brazilian and Hollywood waxing, you won't get a better wax anywhere else! Whether your a wax virgin or just wanting a better experience, we guarantee to give you the best wax you've ever had! Luxe teamed up with Waxsperts, the No.1 wax on the market, in order to provide a virtually pain free experience.

 Most UK salons and clients are unsure of exactly what true Brazilian waxing is. To make it easier and so you can avoid having to ask embarrassing questions at the salon, it's all detailed here for you.

The Brazilian/Hollywood £40 
This style of waxing removes every single hair. This includes the buttocks, the "butt crack", the inner and outer labia and the pubic mound. If you wish to leave a landing strip that is totally your call. This is the most popular style of waxing - just so you know!

The G String £30
This leaves a strip of hair that starts on the pubic mound and down over the labia and tapers in narrow as it reaches the butt cheeks.  It includes the "butt crack" and any noticable hair on the buttocks,  You should be able to wear a thong knicker with no hair showing outside.

Advanced Bikini £20
This is a "High Leg" taken slightly briefer. This wax narrows the hair on the pubic mound but doesn't go near the "butt crack". This style of waxing will allow you to wear a bikini knicker without any hair showing. If your a wax virgin this is a good place to start!

High Leg £16
This style of waxing is very simply the very top part of the leg. This will still leave all the hair on the pubic mound and any where else.


Prices may vary depending on level of therapist - see booking link for more details


Strip Wax
Eyebrows - £12
Eyebrow Reshape - £17
Underarm - £10
Forearm - £15
High Leg Bikini - £14
Half Leg - £18
3/4 Leg - £22
Full Leg - £25

​Hot Wax
Lip / Chin - £8
Lip & Chin £14
Nasal - £8
Cheeks - £15
Cheeks, Lip & Chin - £25
Underarm - £12
High Leg Bikini - £16
Advanced Bikini - £20

Brazilian/ Hollywood - £40

Lip Thread - £8
Chin Thread - £8
Lip & Chin Thread - £14

Prices may vary depending on level of therapist - see booking link for more details

IPL Pricelist & Information

At Luxe we use the award-winning EXCELIGHT® IPL system, designed and manufactured by industry pioneers, Lynton. The EXCELIGHT has an outstanding track record and uses world-leading Intense Pulsed Light technology for superb results in the treatment of permanent hair reduction, acne, vascular lesions and pigmentation.

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