The new generation of pedicure

Updated: Aug 1, 2021

'This pedicure is a winner in every sense of the word. It’s different, it’s innovative and most of all…it works!’

Instead of using blades and foot files, like a traditional pedicure, Elim uses alkaline peels, AHA exfoliants, anti-bacterial soaks, detox masks and non-slip heel balm. Elim thinks of a pedicure as a facial, for the feet. They use active ingredients, scientifically proven products and all with guaranteed long term results.

So how does it work? Traditional methods of hard skin removal have dominated for decades, using methods such as filing, blading and harsh granular exfoliants.

These are short term solutions and are not sustainable to long term foot health. They can be dehydrating, cause discomfort and irritation and even send messages of trauma to the brain causing overproduction of skin cells. In short, they can cause even more hard skin! Elim uses state-of-the-art medical grade peels and other active ingredients designed to change the pH. This process of breaking down the skin's protein bonds means hard, dead, dry skin melts away leaving behind baby soft skin. This is the NEW generation of pedicure. Available soon at Luxe!

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