The biggest trend in 2022

For all its negativity, the pandemic did have one positive. It gave some women the self-confidence to try doing something they'd never dared to do before... go make-up free.

Since the first lockdown women scale-down on the items in their makeup bag and instead embrace a more natural look.

In fact what we used to spend on glossy lipsticks, we were now spending on skincare! Foundations and concealers were swapped for beautiful moisturisers and serums.

"Status skin" is a new trend for 2022. If you've scrolled through social media recently, no doubt you'll have noticed the trend toward fresh-faced beauty and minimal makeup is intensifying.

But what is status skin, exactly?

It's all about achieving beautiful, healthy skin. It's less about concealing and more about enhancing, pampering rather than perfecting.

The pandemic has taught many people about the importance of putting themselves first and now they're treating their skin in a similar fashion. As a whole, we're spending more time on the act of taking care of our skin and we for one are LOVING IT!

"Skincare is the new makeup"

Retailers have noticed this too, with a drop of over a third of cosmetics in the last two years!

Skin care products have not seen the same decline as cosmetics though. After-all, we've moisturised with enthusiasm after all the anti-bac gel and self-care has become a most important buzz word in these difficult times.

At Luxe we've always been about investing in your skin, but now really is the time to start. No more hiding behind foundations, we want you to be proud of what you've got and to love your skin from the minute you wake up!

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