Supporting LOCAL and what it means

Quite often I hear clients tell me they’ve found Elemis cheaper online. Sometimes they’re telling me to warn me and “did I know?”. Sometimes they’re telling me why they bought online rather than with us.

The thing is, most products can be purchased for less online. Trust me I know! Think about it, they’ve either little to no overheads or they are able to purchase in huge bulk meaning a bigger discount that they can pass onto you, the customer.

It’s fairly straight forward… small businesses simply cannot compete with the likes of QVC and Amazon.

But ask yourself this, for the sake of £5/£10 or a small discount, is it worth loosing local independent shops?

QVC and Amazon don’t give you donations for the school raffle. They don’t provide local jobs and they certainly don’t put money back into the local community.

Local businesses rely on your custom and support.

So next time you go online to purchase, think… could I help a local business instead?

Not only can you sleep easier at night knowing your precious pennies have made a local business more likely to survive, but local shops will most likely reward your custom too!

Take Luxe for example, if you purchase ANYTHING in salon, you receive DOUBLE treatcard points, meaning FREE treatments for you!

Amazon might give you 10% off but they won’t give you a beautiful, relaxing facial for 𝗳𝗿𝗲𝗲 will they!

Just something to think about…


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