Should you buy yourself a Christmas gift?

I put tons of thought into what I buy for my loved ones at Christmas (not to mention a few £££!).

On Christmas Day, we all watch each other open every single present – taking turns to do so – and really make sure we get every second’s worth of Christmassy joy from it. Even my dogs get presents!

Every family has their traditions and ways of doing things that becomes ‘the right way’ for them and I love hearing about what is Christmas for everybody else too.

Some years ago a friend of mine said ‘I will get myself that for Christmas’. My response was, "you buy yourself a Christmas present?"

I asked her to explain and she did – she said that rather than ask family or friends for something expensive she wanted, and risk raising the present-buying stakes to a dangerous level, she simply bought it for herself.

At first I thought it was hilarious, and then I considered it further.

When do you treat yourself to something guilt free? When do you treat yourself to something a little extravagant without thinking about what else you "should" be spending the money on? When do you buy yourself something because you just bloomin' deserve it?!

What do you think? is ‘Happy Christmas to me’ okay, or would you feel odd about it?

I have now been buying myself a gift for Christmas for years. I LOVE it, and I bloody deserve it (IMO)!

A little flourish from me to me, to say well done, to say thank you, to say you deserve it. Because treating yourself is really important!

So, I challenge you, treat yourself, it can be as little or big, as cheap or expensive as you want, the important thing is you buy it for yourself, guilt free... And to make it extra special, wrap it up, open it Christmas day and thank yourself, because you are amazing.

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