Little Girls with Big Salon Dreams

Every salon owner had a moment in life where a little spark was lit within them.

A spark that told them that this world was their purpose.

Maybe it was the first time she watched her mum do her makeup.

Maybe it was the first time she painted her own nails.

Maybe it was when she got to braid her sister's hair.

Maybe she was 5. Maybe she was 25.

But that little spark grew brighter and brighter, until it was so bright, she could no longer see any other path in life.

She gained her qualifications.

She learned all she could.

She told everyone that she would have her own salon.

And after she spent every penny she saved to buy products, and found her perfect spot and worked so hard to make it just right, she had done it.

She had made her dreams come true

But there isn't quite a happily ever after just yet.

Because despite all the positive thinking, and all the hard work and all the big dreams, there is something in her way. Something unforeseen.

No one anticipated this. No one predicted it.

The hair and beauty world is struggling beyond belief.

Many have slipped through nets. Many aren't eligible for grants. There has been no VAT break or incentives like we've seen in the hospitality world.

So, right now, that girl needs YOU.

She needs your support.

Buy your Christmas gifts from her.

Buy vouchers for those you treasure from her.

Cheer her on and help her spread her message.

Let's support businesses who are run by the people we know and love.

Let's support the people who painted our nails for our weddings and made our hair perfect for prom.

Let's support businesses that really need us at the moment.

I know I'd rather help someone buy their kids Christmas presents than help someone buy their next private jet.

What about you?

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