Let's talk about women's safeguarding.

You may remember, earlier on this year and in support of International Women's Day, the Luxe team asked for donations to support Leeds Women's Aid.

We collected items such as un-used toiletries, new bedding and baby clothing, nappies and sanitary wear. These items were for use by the women and children in the emergency refuge.

To our delight, the donations were vast and it took two car journeys to deliver it all. We were beyond proud to have supported such an important cause and have since looked into other ways we can help those who've experienced domestic abuse.

Emily did you know, 1 in 4 women will experience abuse from a partner or ex-partner at some time in their life and, shockingly, 2 are killed each week.

They may be our clients, our colleagues, even our family and friends. It’s a horrifying fact.

As a beauty therapist, we are trusted by many, many women, some may even call us friends. We are renowned for being exceptional listeners and it’s no surprise that many clients feel comfortable talking and confiding in us about things that they wouldn’t tell anyone else.

Our relationship puts us in a unique position to be able to notice signs of abuse and offer help. It may be the only opportunity someone has to be on their own where they feel safe. We can provide someone struggling with domestic abuse, the perfect opportunity to reach out for help when they feel ready for it. However, this requires skills and understanding of how to deal with such a delicate situation.

So what did we do? We took action of course!

Luxe Beauty Lounge is delighted to be one of a small number of salons to take a special training course and is proud to say all our therapists are officially "Behind the mask" champions.

Behind the mask delivers specialist training for therapists in order to help spot the signs of abuse, ask the right questions and be able to offer help to those in need. Becoming a behind the mask champion salon means our therapists are well equipped to handle situations like this without alarm.

Remember, we are here for you. Every woman deserves respect and support.

Luxe is, and always will be, a safe space.

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