Dry Skin brushing - it’s addictive, trust me!

There are a variety of health claims about dry body brushing. For those who aren’t familiar with the technique, it involves daily body massage with a dry, stiff-bristled brush. It's easy, it's quick and it will make you feel better!


  • Encourages good circulation

  • Exfoliating - removes dead skin cells

  • Invigorating and energising

  • May help reduce cellulite


  • Invest in a good quality, natural bristle brush that doesn’t scratch the skin

  • Spend 1-5 minutes brushing over dry skin, ideally before a shower

  • Start at the toes and work up the body towards the heart, and from the fingertips towards the heart

  • Brush over all areas of the body, always working towards the heart and use gentle strokes over more sensitive areas

  • Follow with a bath or shower and moisturise afterwards

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