Drinking more water!

Boring”, “I forget”, “I’m not thirsty”, “don’t like the taste”, “I feel bloated” sound familiar?

People often struggle to drink a lot of water, especially the kind without the addition of a tea bag and some milk!

However as part of our New Year, New Me campaign, we've got some tips and tricks to make it a little less of a chore.

When you wake up, drink 1/2 - 1pt of water (you don’t want to feel bloated so don’t overdo it!)

Here are some tips to make it easier:

  • Keep water by your bed so you can drink it before you get out of bed and get caught up in the distractions of the day

  • Experiment with the temperature - warm or hot water can be easier on your system and less likely to cause a full, bloated feeling

  • Add a slice/squeeze of lemon, lime or orange

  • A stainless steel flask can keep your water at your preferred temperature and acts as a measure of how much you consume each day

  • Filter your water for a cleaner taste or just fill a jug and stand on the counter (or in the fridge) and the chlorine will evaporate

Our bodies are made up of 60% water and we need to replace what we lose each day.

Benefits to good hydration:

  • Helps flush toxins from the body

  • Aids mental alertness, concentration and memory

  • Less likely to experience food cravings - these are often misinterpreted thirst signals

  • Can help you feel full and less likely to snack

  • You digest and absorb nutrients better

  • May relieve headaches

  • Helps maintain blood pressure

  • Aids the function of the kidneys

  • Boosts exercise performance

  • Our thirst signal becomes stronger and clearer, making it easier to maintain good hydration

  • Reduces the effects of a hangover

So go on, go grab a glass!

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