Our Award winning tanning solution, LA TAN, has been voted "Best Spray Tan" by Elle Magazine and has a number of celebrity fans including Kylie Jenner, Claudia Winkleman and many more! Now Officially the U.K's No.1 Spray Tanning Brand.

Spray Tan Full Body - £28
Spray Tan Half Body - £18

We recommend prepping the skin one week in advance to achieve the best results. Use a body brush to exfoliate the skin whilst
in the shower or bath. This gets rid of dry, dead skin and any previous tanning products. Moisturise after each exfoliation to soften areas
of dry skin such as elbows and knees, this will prevent any colour grip. On the day of your tan DO NOT apply moisturiser or
body lotion as oil can act as a barrier, stopping your tan from developing.

After your spray tan
When leaving the salon after your tan you need to wear loose clothing, avoid skinny jeans, bra's, socks and tight waistbands.. Avoid any water
contact until your tan is fully developed.

To keep your tan lasting as long as possible there are a few things you can do to help. Prepping your skin thoroughly
Using an oil-free moisturiser (oil acts as a natural exfoliant and will break down your tan).
Having quick showers or baths (ultimately when you are in water, you are washing away your tan).
Using a tan extender to help boost your colour.
After 7 days giving your skin a light exfoliation will help give you a natural glow and boost your natural colour.

Prices may vary depending on level of therapist - see booking link for more details