You've missed out on £100's !

Checking your emails can be time consuming and boring, trust me I get it. In fact over lockdown I had an email cull, unsubscribing from the likes of "groupon" and similar companies that bombard you with several emails a day!

Ironically receiving an email a day from these companies made me even more unlikely to check them, instead I swiped and deleted without even opening them.

Where are you going with this Emily?

Well after a couple of days back in the salon it became apparent that alot of our clients don't open our emails either (ouch!). So I'm here to tell you why you neeeeed to! Not only are you missing out on offers, you're also missing out on very important info. Info that could mean we have to turn you away!

The important side

As we prepared to open our salons back up there were several protocols we needed to add into our system post covid. One of which is a COVID questionnaire. It takes seconds to fill out and is designed to help keep the salon and our staff, safe and healthy. We have had to call lots of you to ask you to check your emails and fill this form out.

The fun side

We don't send tonnes of offers but when we do, trust me, they are worth knowing about! For example in February we ran an offer and we noticed that soo many people missed out on FREE (yes FREE) treatment, one client asked why we didn't call her and tell her, we politely replied that we couldn't possibly ring the 2000 clients on our database. Moral of the story, if you don't want to miss out then check your emails!

It's important to mention at this point that we DO NOT spam! On average we send an email per week.

If you've not opened an email from us recently here are some things you may not know about

  • There is a day when you can get a free massage.... every week!

  • Something special is happening every Saturday throughout summer...

  • There is a new treatment we are launching which for some will be life changing...

  • We will not be able to do your treatment if.....

So, save us to our email contacts! Our email address is Look our for our emails, get excited about them and make sure you make the most of the fabulous offers!

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