Lockdown - Day 2

The UK in on lockdown - never said that before! Today is Lockdown Day 2! How is everyone feeling? Maybe your still working, maybe your still feeling emotional, I know I am! But it's time to think of all the good that can come from this. Did you know levels of air pollution have dramatically reduced in China, Italy and the UK already? That deserves a "Woop Woop!"

Yesterday we posted on our facebook page about the goals we aim to achieve over this lockdown period. Check it out - we are going to revisit in 2 weeks to see how people are getting on and someone will win GOODIES! It's time to think hard, write them down, and achieve!

Don't let this time go to waste guys, it's unlikely (fingers crossed) to ever happen again. Hopefully if your reading this blog you will have seen our brand new website. This is something I've wanted to do for ages and here it is! What do you think?!I have soo many more plans/goals, I just hope I can fit them all in!

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