What is BIAB and do I need it in my life?

You may have heard or The Gel Bottle’s ‘Builder in a Bottle’ gel as a cure-all for short, brittle nail woes, but what actually is it and how does it work?

‘Builder in a Bottle’, also referred to as just ‘Builder’ or ‘BIAB’, is a type of gel developed to nourish and strengthen nails and promote nail growth. It can be used as a replacement to hard gel extensions or acrylic extensions (ew) as its used on the natural nail and makes them stronger, allowing them to grow past the client’s natural breaking point.

Builder is also ‘breathable’, which is great for those with weaker nails as cuticle oil can penetrate and reach the nail bed. It’s also vegan and cruelty-free!

We always recommend BIAB to clients who struggle to grow their nails, whether they bite their nails or have weak nail beds. Builder is also perfect on the run up to a special event like a wedding or holiday!

We’ve found clients who use BIAB see incredible results in as little as two weeks time. We don’t offer hard gel or acrylic at Luxe, and we don’t need to when our clients use BIAB to grow their nails more naturally.

BIAB however, like anything that creates vast change, is a commitment. That means regular maintenance, home care products and being gentle with them in between. We recommend infilling every 2 weeks. Ass you nails become stronger and more flexible you may find you're able to go 3 weeks in between infills.

We all use it on ourselves – and that’s the ultimate testimonial!

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