Well and Truly (Sk)influenced!

"A rags to riches story of skincare transformation"

By Christine

"I am afraid to say I have always been that girl who wouldn’t think twice about a baby wipe to remove make up and a quick face wash in the shower being the sum of my skincare routine. I can’t profess to have amazing skin, although no major issues…so nothing led me to change my ways throughout my teens and twenties.

Having my little boy and hitting my 30's definitely made me look a bit closer though. I‘m still not sure if it is physical changes, stress or possibly a combination, but the reflection in the mirror certainly wasn’t looking as youthful and was absolutely dull with a few more imperfections. But even that wasn’t enough to change my ways – always an excuse – too busy, not enough time, too much to think about and plenty of other things to prioritise.

Then….lockdown! We are thrown into entirely unprecedented (my now least favourite overused, yet completely relevant word!) times. I was plunged like many others into the world of full time home working around the family.

I’m not sure if my skin actually got worse or if simply more time surrounded by mirrors in the house made me notice it (especially with the lack of makeup used) but all of a sudden my skin was screaming out to me for help….and boy did I have no clue where to start!

As a Luxe customer I had been enjoying following updates and posts from the team and after only ever in many years having a brilliant experience there I knew it was the place to turn to for help! Despite the doors not being open the response was instant. I got in touch on a Friday providing detail of what the struggle was and after a few back a forth messages about my specific needs I had an order placed in the knowledge that I was following expert advice and experience.

The next morning felt like Christmas with a gorgeous gift of the Peptide range delivered straight to my doorstep. I have to admit I didn’t really trust myself to commit to a twice a day regime at that stage – plus weekly face mask and sleep treatment – I don’t exactly have the best track record for this after all.

Now, 8 weeks and another order of a couple of things to add to my collection I am LOVING my skincare routine! The products recommended were all perfect for me and using them is something I look forward to each day - never feeling like a chore. It’s a little treat for me, a time to look after myself and I could quickly see the results of brighter, clearer and smoother skin.

I am excited for Luxe to open again whenever that can be so that I can get my brows and nails done but also now to explore more of the treatments on offer. The team at Luxe are true professionals and I for one will have full confidence walking back through those doors when we can!"

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