The tale of the carbonara

It has often struck me as odd when someone tells me we are "more expensive" than the salon down the road. I think beauty, maybe hair, are possibly the only industries where many people assume there is a blanket price across the board. The pasta carbonara in a multi award-winning restaurant is not going to be the same price as a cheap chain restaurant.

Here's why ...

Restaurant A is a small place with basic furniture, their chef has a couple of years experience. Your carbonara is made using cheap ingredients and its plated up on average crockery...

Restaurant B is larger, the furniture is nice, the chef has over 10 years experience. Your carbonara is made with better ingredients but nothing organic and the pasta isn't made fresh. It's plated up on nice crockery.

Restaurant C is the same size as B, the furniture is designer, the lighting is beautiful and the crockery is stunning. The chef has 10 years experience, he also trained and specialises in authentic Italian cuisine and has crafted his recipes into a fine art. He uses ingredients that are fresh, organic, local produce of the highest standard.

Restaurant A and restaurant C do not charge the same price.

You wouldn't expect them to, would you?

Our industry is the same. There are plenty of salons, using cheap wholesale products. The coffee they serve is instant. The furniture and decor are old and tired. The walls are marked and the towels are practically see through. The staff straight out of college...

And then there is Luxe...

We use the best products available in all of our treatments. All our furniture is designer. We serve Nespresso coffee, served in actual Nespresso cups (not fakes - the REAL DEAL). Champagne in crystal glasses. Even the cuticle nippers we have are designer! The walls are painted on a monthly basis so the salon is immaculate. And our staff are trained to impeccably high standards.

From the moment you walk into Luxe you can be assured no expense has been spared to ensure you have a next level experience.

So, to sum up, no, the prices will not be the same, because they are not comparable.

We are not your average salon providing average services.

And the crazy part... when I look around at other peoples prices, there may be a couple of pounds difference... For all those extras!

So ask yourself, do you deserve the best?

*Since writing this blog, Luxe has been named "Beauty Salon of the Year" at the British Hair and Beauty Awards. Now there is really no competition!

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