The empty restaurant

Our FB post, for those of you who didn't see.

Last night I got into my car and drove home, passing many restaurants on my route. It’s dark so early now and the restaurants were lit up, inviting, golden and warm.

But as I looked in, I saw no customers. Not a single one. Instead what I saw was heart breaking.

The staff, stood still, silent, waiting. I wondered how long they had been stood their, empty. I couldn’t help but think about the owner, seeing the emptiness in his face, the emptiness in his restaurant, probably wondering how he was going to pay his staff, probably wondering how much longer he could carry on paying his rent and bills, not to mention his own wage.

His dream, his livelihood ... slipping away.

You know the feeling don’t you, we’ve all had it one time or another, that horrid sinking feeling. A feeling of dread that I think can be described as one of the worst feelings on earth. I remember first being dumped age 9 (obviously he was the love of my life and I was going to marry him and have babies as we all know age 9) and I got my first experience of the sinking feeling.

As an adult, I think the sinking feeling only gets worse. We’ve responsibilities now, we have people that rely on us. The sinking feeling can often have a domino effect.

I had that sinking feeling last night. Not for myself, but for the restaurant, the manager and for everyone out there in the exact same boat.

This virus may affect people’s health, but my god, it’s doing so much worse than that.

We’re stuck in the middle of a very deep, dark forest at the moment. We keep thinking we see a way out and then we’re back where we started. But here’s the thing. There will be an end, we will come out the other side. We just need to make sure we all get out of the otherwise together. We need to help one another.

It’s hard to imagine right now but we will look back on this, not fondly of course, but it will teach us so many things.

When we come out of the other side , we have to imagine our world. Most villages, towns and high streets will look very different. Some shops, cafes, restaurants, salons, pubs will not be there. They will not make it out the otherside.

So we need to pull together, I know I’ve said it a million times but we, you, I need to support local!

I know not everyone has a lot of cash to spare, but a little goes along way. Most of us have had holidays cancelled, we’ve maybe got a little more disposable income than we usually do?

So grab a coffee from a local cafe. Buy your meat from the local butcher. Buy your veg from local grocers. Buy your wine from local wine merchant. Buy cards and presents from a local gift shop. Get a takeaway from a local restaurant.

I will be buying ALL of my Christmas presents and upcoming birthday presents from local sources. You can get everything you need LOCALLY. Yes I know amazon is quick and convenient, but most shops will respond instantly to a fb message, some even deliver to your door!

So many shops have great offerings, plus, you can go and see and converse with actual humans!

The Luxe girls and I will be collecting photos and posting on a regular basis, all our “supporting local selfies”.

We encourage you to do the same.

In fact. Anyone who tags us/ sends us their “supporting local selfie” from inside the salon will be entered into our biggest ever giveaway. This will run until the end of November.

The prize (soon to be photographed) is worth over £200!!

Maybe other local businesses are doing this too?! Check it out!

Now if you’ve read this far you deserve a bloomin medal. Thanks once again guys.

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