The difference between us and Karen...

So recently we've seen alot of other salons taking bookings from the 4th of July and we've been asked "why are you not taking bookings but Karen down the road is..."

Well there are a few reasons and we want to be totally transparent. Firstly the 4th of July has only been suggested as the opening date for the Leisure industry. There has also been mention of social distancing still been implemented. Erm.... I mean I guess we could throw polish at you guys? Just kidding, as you can imagine hair and beauty will not be able to work that way!

There is also likely be strict guidelines and protocols to follow - this might be time between clients, max number of people in the salon etc so we cannot possibly open up our diary yet. This is for your sake and ours.

We have seen countless salons advertise their diaries are open but we just don't want to mess you lovely bunch around! We hope you understand, just hold on a little longer!

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