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I can't believe I am turning 30!

I was talking to a client just the other day, she asked about my plans for the coming week and I mentioned my big birthday. She laughed, told me I must be wrong. I told her "nope, deffo my 30th". The look of surprise on her face was hilarious!

Her reply.... "Emily... that means I've been coming to Luxe for 9 years!"

She genuinely couldn't believe she had been coming into the salon for so long. My reply was simple. "That's why you're a VIP!"

It makes me soo happy to think some of my clients have been visiting the salon for near to a decade!

That's all folks, I just wanted to write a quick blog to say a huge, big, massive THANK YOU! Thank you for supporting us for so long and through such a crazy year.

And now I believe I am being treated to a champagne breakfast!


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