The age of the "Skinfluencer"

Updated: May 20, 2020

Ok so I really want this word to take flight. Say it with me now... "Skinfluencer".

The days of influencers being all about makeup and clothes are gone (not least because everyone is currently living in their PJ's and no ones touched a foundation in 8 weeks!)

Forget trying to hide blemishes and dark circles with layer upon layer of concealer... would it not be better to just not have to cover them in the first place?!

Yes, makes lot of sense doesn't it! Stop spending a fortune on makeup and clothes to make you feel good when looking after your skin and seeing the results will give you 1000 x's the boost - I promise you!

So "where to start" I hear you say. We get loads of you asking us questions about Elemis and skincare and quite frankly, your right, its a jungle out there! If your not an expert then knowing where to start is tough, but don't worry, the girls and I are here to help!

Not only are we offering free skin consultations and delivering your items for FREE but now we are know going to provide helpful mini videos on all our favourite products so you can really get to know what they are all about!

Sound good?! Yes we think so too, head to our YouTube Channel - search Luxe Beauty Lounge.

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