Sometimes when we get carried away with our new toys, we start speaking in therapist language which is confusing for those not familiar with words like "melanin" and "IPL". So we're going to make it super easy to understand and tell you why this treatment will change your life.

IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light – our machine uses IPL to provide a brand new treatment - The ILLUMIFACIAL, otherwise known as the "photofacial". It’s easy to get IPL mixed up with laser treatments because it essentially looks the same, but it’s not technically a laser – it’s a pulse of light, similar to a camera flash.

The light penetrates through the skin, targeting bacteria (helpful for acne) and pigmentation (helpful for dark spots, scarring, etc), without harming the top layer. The light is absorbed by the melanin (dark spots - such as scarring) and broken down. Then the body naturally removes the broken down tissue (aka the dark spots) leaving behind beautiful, even skin. Make sense?

Overall, our brand new ILLUMIFACIAL will dramatically help with...


age spots

sun spots

acne scarring



We are so so so excited to launch this life changing treatment. Get on the waiting list now for January!

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