Over indulged this Christmas?

Ok so, it goes without saying, Christmas means stuffing your face, we don't know why, but it's become totally acceptable to have malteasers for breakfast because ... "it's Christmas!".

I'm going to hold my hands up, I'm guilty of this. So like everyone else, we look to the new year for our cut off point. Stuff your faces quickly because on the 1st of Jan we're eating healthy!

We've teamed up with a local PT and local nutritionist to help guide you through January and to keep those "New Year New Me" resolutions in place!

We have secured a huge 50% off Luxe discount for a PT session with Ben, and throughout the whole month, our nutritionist Lynne will be providing us with delicious, easy recipes, tips and tricks for a whole body detox!

Are you ready?! Keep an eye on your emails for more! Not on our email base? Sign up now on our website!

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