Oh dear... Oh dear...

I feel like I need to post this in order to get it off my chest.... hold tight... rant alert!

Ok so as you are most likely aware, the government made an announcement last week which explained that the 4th of July (the date we were hoping to re-open) will now only be an opening date for hairdressers and pubs, not beauty salons. Before you ask me why, I'll tell you I am as bewildered and annoyed as you are, but here's the thing - there is NOTHING I can do about it.

Well when I say nothing... I've signed petitions, I've moaned, moaned a bit more, I've even contacted our local MP but Boris (in his wisdom) clearly knows something I do not. So we are now pinning our hopes and looking forward to (fingers crossed) opening a little later in July.

So when I have people telling me that XXXX has an appointment at XXXX it makes my blood boil!

But here is the bottom line... and it's the last time I will say it.

At Luxe we do everything in our power to stay at the top of our game, to be the best. We train and train and continuously improve our skills. We clean and organise to military standards. We love and respect our clients like they are family. We look after our guests like we would in our own homes. We are professionals in every aspect of our work. We love our jobs and our salons more than you could imagine. And we will NOT compromise on our standards and our reputation.

So please do not ask us to do a treatment before we have a date in place, to break the law, to put you in danger. Because the answer is no. We will not bow to pressure, even if XXXX round the corner is opening on the sly. Not only are salons and mobile therapists breaking the law but they are also uninsured to treat you.

You've waited so long at this point, we are so close to the end, just hold on a little longer.

Ok now I have that off my chest, we encourage you to book for August. In the mean time, we will keep you updated with any news on a re-opening date.

Peace and positivity!

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