Lockdown - Day 37

A message from me to you...

This week has possibly been the most crazy yet during this whole lockdown business! And it shows no sign of letting up either. And I know it might be difficult for you right now.

There's so much to juggle



giant man children...

It's not easy.

All the whilst Karen up the road simultaneously learns Mandarin Chinese in three days, home schools her children and masters riding a unicycle.

Stop Karen.. your impressing no one.

But forget about Karen, you're doing great. Seriously. You've survived every day so far. Every. Single. Day.

Sure there will have been ups and downs, some close calls perhaps and you may or may not have a gin in your hand at 3pm but you're getting there!

Whether you're feeling overwhelmed or enjoying focusing on other, forgotten, elements of your life, keep going. Do what's right for you. DON'T feel guilty for enjoying a day in front of the TV. DO have a lovely long bath with a glass of wine. DO give yourself a huge pat on the back when you do P.E with Joe at 9am. What ever you do DON'T give up.

Here's to you. Because you're all amazing.

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