Lockdown - Day 21

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Worry and anxiety, I'm pretty sure this is consuming us all at the moment and for a million different reasons. It's crazy to think we're living through something that's never happened before. Some days I don't think about it and then I stand on my doorstep on a Thursday at 8pm and hear all the clapping and it hits me, just how huge this really is. There isn't any real way to act in all of this is there? We will all be dealing with it in our own way, however we feel necessary.

I go from loving what I'm achieving with this extra time to sitting there being consumed with worry. I worry about the salon, I worry about re-opening, will it be busy, will our clients come back?

Then I catch myself in the mirror... "Dear god! Look at me" I realise the uglier I become what with the amount of hair (everywhere!), the worn off botox, the white skin and the grown-out nails, that the beauty-industry is going to be booming! When we reopen they wont be queuing for the supermarkets, they will be queuing outside the salon! Let's hope they let us open before the pubs eh!

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