Lockdown - Day 19

This is my fourth blog post, I have tried to keep it light hearted but I'm sure alot of you can relate to some of whats been happening in my house hold since lockdown. It's been three weeks now since I last did a set of nails, or touched a brow, three weeks since I've cuddled someone other than Jonny and all I can say is WOW.... this is a rollercoaster.

4 weeks ago when this all became real I can think I had a mini meltdown, laying off staff, closing my business?! How? What? Is this real? I cried... really cried, in fact it was the sort of seriously ugly crying you only do when no one is watching.

3 weeks on and life is different, but we adapt. (more or less!)

My Isolation Quotes:

Waking up at 10am. Me: "I have so many plans for today, I'm going to smash it!"

Gets breakfast, sits with a cup of tea, looks at phone, gets dressed. Also me: "F*%k it's 4pm, how did that happen?!" Nevermind, Netflix it is, there is always tomorrow.

Jonny: "Where are you going all made up?" Me: "Aldi... and don't ask what time I'll be back"

I have been out of the house a few times though. Heading to the shop, a job I used to dread is now something I look forward to. Get my best gear on, do my make-up, brush my hair! Yes I feel good! Get in the car, crank up the music, have a little sing along!

Then I arrived... I pull up into a space a steward has directed me to... Plucking up the courage to get out of the car is hard. Trying to gage how many people are here. Holding my breath as someone passes me. Putting on gloves and saying over and over in my head "DON'T TOUCH YOUR FACE!"

I finally get inside the supermarket and ... it's amazing, its quiet, peaceful even. I want to look at everything, I want to buy everything! I peruse and peruse. I don't want to leave! Its like a night-out been here! Head to the checkout and smile politely when the cashier asks me for £80. Oops...I only came in for bread and milk...

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