Introducing Charlotte

"Hi everyone, bit nervous about this, feel like I'm writing a dating profile! Here it goes...

I've worked in the beauty industry for 6 years but in 2019 I took a break. For the last year I have been working in hospitals, gynaecology at first, then most recently in theatre. As much as I loved healthcare and am super proud to have been working on the front line throughout COVID, it made me realise how much I missed beauty. Building those relationships and helping clients is what I love.

My passion is skin! Everything skin related, facials, skincare, massage etc. Making people feel more confident about their own skin and seeing their reactions after a facial never gets old. I love helping people, and helping clients feel good about themselves is part of that.

I'm super open and a great listener. You can tell me anything and I can guarantee I have a story to tell of something similar. I can't wait to chat with clients, have a laugh with clients and to develop my own following.

I'm so excited for the next chapter of my career with Luxe but more importantly, I can't wait to meet you all."

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