How do I become a Luxe Queen?

We have lots of ladies ask us how they can move up a rank on our client data-base and become a Queen!

Here are some helpful suggestions to help you move on up

  • Follow us on our Facebook and Instagram platforms /Luxebeautyloungeleeds

  • Leave a 3- 5 word comment on our insta and fb posts

  • Do this enough and you will receive a "Top Fan" badge - this is instant access to Queen status!

  • Support local and support Luxe by purchasing retail items such as Elemis

  • Rebook before you leave

  • Become a site member ( although if you're reading this you already are! One step closer! )

Just a few simple ways you can tell our software how much you love us! Social media, and retail sales are a huge part of running a small business.

So whats in it for you?

Become a Queen and you will get discount on treatments for LIFE!

Plus once you've reached Queen status you can then set your sights on becoming a Luxe VIP and finally, one day, a Gold Club member!

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