Have you seen these brows...

This is microblading. I constantly hear from ladies who book their brows in with me how nervous they were before we chatted about the procedure and what they can expect.

One of the biggest issues I face is explaining to people that not all microblading is the huge black slug monstrosities some people parade around with. Not only that, but each microblading session will differ from the last, it is not a one size fits all scenario, in fact it is totally bespoke to each client.

Another miscommunication is the difference between powder brows and hair-stroke brows. Powder brows, otherwise known as digital brows are a completely different technique and result. Powder brows are not subtle, they look like heavy makeup, and suit a client who wears a lot of it.

Let me be clear - this is not what I offer.

Hair stroke brows do not use a digital machine but instead a hand held tool, a micro-blade if you will. This gives the artist the control to produce super fine, natural looking "hair-like" strokes, like below. (my work)

So do not fear ladies, microblading CAN be natural, it CAN be delicate and it CAN make you fall in love with your brows again.

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