Elemis Peptide4 Range

So those of you that know me well will know how much I ADORE the Elemis Peptide4 range, the gorgeous purple packing you have seen sparkling away in the salon. After doing a little Elemis webinar this morning on the range it's inspired to me to tell you all about it.

Peptide is for those of you that struggle with tired, dull, lack-lustre skin. For those of you who (outside of lockdown) have busy lifestyles, not enough sleep and for those of you who "don't have time". Maybe you're struggling with the dreaded menopause and hormones are wreaking havoc with your skin.

So what is a peptide? Peptides are some of the most celebrated anti-aging ingredients! Peptides are short chains of amino acids which become the building blocks of skin’s proteins. Think of them as ‘cell whisperers’ of the skin, providing the signals that encourage cells to do their natural job of repair and replenishment. In short you might say a peptide is a big old bossy boots, but my god they work!

This range is going to CHANGE YOUR SKIN in ways you can't imagine! Yes, it's a big statement but I can guarantee once you start using this range you're going to message me telling me your skin has never-ever been so good!

Now this range is growing fairly fast, mainly because it's possibly one of the best launches Elemis have ever done! A must-have of mine is the Antioxidant Hydra-Serum, check out the video I did on this product on our (Sk)influence page! Another of my absolute favourite products is the Overnight Radiance Peel. Don't worry your skin wont actually peel! This AHA night-time peel gently exfoliates while replenishing the skin with moisture for a brighter, flawless-looking complexion. Fantastic for enlarged pores, uneven skintone/ texture and fantastic if you're suffering from breakouts!

The range also contains an eye cream, a mask, day cream, sleep mask and cream-oil. If you don't have at least two products of this range in your daily routine then you are MAD!

If you want to chat about all things peptide then send me a message, I'm here to help and quite frankly it would be nice to see some faces other than my dogs! You know how to get hold of me!

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