Back to normaility... Kinda

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

For just over two weeks we've not been able to treat you lovely lot to all the little extras that make Luxe... well, Luxe! But on Saturday the 1st all will change!

Firstly we will be back to the business of lashes, brows and of course our beautiful Elemis facials. We will be serving our gorgeous Nespresso Coffees and little cookies you've all missed so much.

Saturday the 1st of August will be our first ever "Soul Session Saturday" !!! Think chilled vibes, cool music and of course the debut of our signature cocktail, The Colla-Gin Luxecco! A cocktail all about collagen, what could be better! This is totally FREE and only available on a Saturday!

If you didn't know about "Soul Session Saturday", then you might not know about "Feel Good Friday" or "Waxing Wednesdays"... head straight over to the special offers section on our website for more details!

From the 1st we also won't require our guests to wear a face mask should they choose not to however your therapist will still wear one.

Sooo lot's and lot's to look forward to! See you soon!

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