Appointments with Emily

Some of you may have noticed that I don't appear in the diary or online booking portal anymore...

Don't worry I'm still here!

But lockdown did allow me time to reflect and restructure the way I work. I didn't realise until I was forced to stop working how out of balance my life was.

I did many courses during lockdown, not on beauty treatments but actually on the day to day running of a small business. The impact of social media and why marketing is so vital. It's a total mine-field but one I am enjoying! In this crazy world where competition opens on your doorstep we can never stop trying to improve, can we?

The day to day running of the salon is so important and for the most part, that is my new role. I will still be in the salon though, after all, beauty (especially brows) is my PASSION and the whole reason I opened the salon in the first place.

So, how do you get an appointment? Check out our latest email and hit the reply button. Simple.

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